• Spinal Problems (acute and chronic disc problems, sciatica,
headaches, coliosis, back and neck aches)

• Whiplash

• Sports & Soft Tissue Injuries (to muscles, ligaments, tendons,
cartliage problems, sprained ankles)

• Joint Problems (ligament strains, anterior knee pain, tennis
elbows, shoulder pain, arthritis)

• Post Surgical Rehabilitation (ligament replacements, ligament
repairs, arthroscopies)

• Repetitive Strain & Overuse Injuries (postural dysfunctions,
hand and arm pain)

• Mechanical Dysfunction

• Occupational Injuries

• Fractures (treatment may be given during the healing process or
to restore function once bones have healed)

• Women's Health (incontinence, pregnancy related back ache and
pelvic pain)

How we treat

• Manual Therapy
Mobilisation • Soft tissue techniques • Massage

• Rehabilitation
Exercise programmes • Muscle balance correction • Posture re-education
Ergonomics advice • Biomechanical assessment •  Advice on foot
supports • Tapping techniques

• Acupuncture  For pain relief

• Electrotherpay
Ultrasound • Interferential Therapy •  TENS